Notable Quotable Anger Management Tips


Notable Quotable Anger Management Tips by Author Gregory D. Anderson, Jr., Certified Anger Management Facilitator, presents an easy to read yet impactful tool that addresses anger, stress, loss, loneliness, depression and emotional intelligence in a way that allows you to meditate and personally write and answer well thought out questions on some of the most powerful quotes ever created on these six very critical areas of life. Gregory D. Anderson, Jr. creates a safe space for individuals to establish emotional stability through the power of self-awareness and self-control. Thus, reciting and reflecting on a quote or two a day is all it takes to begin a journey to a new, productive lifestyle.

I highly recommend this book. This is a simple, yet direct, tool to anger management with some of the most powerful quotes that I have ever read...including that of the authors. Gregory D. Anderson Jr has provided the tools, NOW the buyer, and reader MUST choose to make the applications. In doing so they will be blessed.
— Cheryl Bradford
I believe the book has information that can be used as a teaching tool. Anger is a stronghold for far too many, and until they can adopt methods to redirect this anger and transform it into positive energy, they will continue in this unhealthy cycle of depression, loneliness, and lack of self worth. Notable quotable anger management tips can be a start to a new liberated life. God bless you Gregory for your obedience to the vision.
— Amazon Customer